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Cognitive Solutions.

We provide cutting edge automation solutions to assist businesses achieve to higher levels of productivity and efficiency, thereby reducing operational costs and ensuring a solid platform for automated scalability. We achieve this by partnering with key industry leaders in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

LarcAI is a boutique South African company, specializing in Business Analytics, Intelligent Automation and RPA.


AIForged focuses on Document Understanding Skills, integrating with various platforms like ABBYY SDK, Microsoft Forms Recognition and Google Cloud Platform.


As an alternative to commercial RPA software solutions, we can also automate processes using Microsoft Workflow Foundation with our own Selenium and Appium activities.


Our services and solutions are powered by our partnerships with leading industry players in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence and intelligent automation.


Our solutions are built using cognitive services such as optical character recognition, computer vision, language, predictive analytics, virtual assistants and more.


LarcAI Cognitive Solutions


This solution focuses on Document Understanding Skills, integrating with ABBYY SDK, Microsoft Forms Recognition and Google Cloud Platform.
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Robotic Process Automation

ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION | With robotic process automation (RPA), you are able to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks quickly and cost effectively. The RPA bots can be deployed…
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Digital Human Expert

DIGITAL HUMAN EXPERT | The Digital Human Expert is built to replicate human expertise. This solution enables an expert to register on our Cognitive Services Portal where they can…
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Intelligent Process Automation

INTELLIGENT PROCESS AUTOMATION | Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), is an emerging set of technologies aimed to advance your business by combining process automation with Robotic Process Automation …
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Intelligent Indexing

INTELLIGENT INDEXING | Intelligent Indexing is our email and document classification and indexing solution. This solution can be used to read instructions and other communication
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Blockchain & Trading Exchanges

Blockchain & Trading Exchanges | Having provided various solutions to Fintech and Insurtech companies, we have developed the capabilities and have the technologies in place to build transactional trading exchanges.
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  • Whilst UiPath has a significant number of implementation partners around the world, LarcAI continues to push the boundaries on what is possible by combining RPA and AI technologies.
    Guy Kirkwood
  • As a business we are really pleased with the results of our RPA implementation. We managed to deliver the first use case into production in a relatively short space of time, and are now rolling out other use cases in other processes.
    Barri Maggott
    Curo Fund Services
  • Significant improvement in customer experience and positive feedback from the broker community, whilst not even aware of the changes being made, supported the conversion of sceptics.
    Uven Pillay
    Hollard Insurance



In this particular case study, high volumes of email are received from the Hollard Insurance Company’s broker base, and other relevant parties. These needs to be indexed and processed in the Document Management and Workflow systems.
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LarcAI delivered a competent robot process automation solution using UiPath software attaining 54% increase in efficiency and overall effort displacement
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The full case study contains a detailed breakdown of the problem, approach, solution and technical platforms and partnerships used to provide the complete solution to Hollard. If you would like to read the full case study, please send us your email address provided in the below form.