The Emergence of AI & Robotics in Industry & Society

The emergence of AI and robotics in industry and society

Jannie Strydom, CEO at LarcAI, believes that the integration of AI and robotics will lead to the creation of new and exciting job opportunities for humans, rather than causing displacement.
Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) are often viewed with concern as potential job-killers, but Jannie Strydom, CEO at LarcAI, believes that they will create new and exciting jobs for humans. He argues that RPA is ideal for automating repetitive, predictable and methodical business processes that are currently done by humans. By taking over these tasks, RPA can free up skilled workers to focus on more business-critical tasks. Strydom also notes that new jobs will be created in the field of AI, such as building and training chatbots and customer-service AIs, as well as maintaining and updating them. He argues that people should embrace RPA and AI, as they have enormous benefits, including cost reduction, speed of delivery, improved service delivery, and better use of human efforts.